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Scary 53m Gorge Swing in Zambia
Me and my mate Craig going on the 53m gorge swing in Livingstone, Zambia. We did this after the famo...
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody- Scary Movie (1...
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody season 2 episode 26 scary movie This episode aired in Canada on Fam...
The HAPPY SHOW! QUICK DRAW: Scary Monster!
Matt draws a scary monster! Woo! Producer/Director/Artist: Matthew Hawes
Evil Scary Clip
very scary and bizarre images
Silent Hill. very scary horror film
I decided to do a sample from one of my favourite horror movie, Silent Hill, really scary movie and...
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New Funny Pictures

Heading in!
I'd turn around ASAP!
I hate most owned images, but this was semi-funny.
Worst Job
So wrong
But I'm adding it anyway!
She fell off!
At least that is what the shirt said. I bet he couldn't get one on there in the first place.
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The Call
Work your way through this adventure game using the holy water to defend yourself.
Fight your way through the enemies in this classic stick man game.
Urinal Game
Test your knowledge of what urinal to use. Pretty short game.
Pedestrian Killer
Smash as many pedestrians as your can before the time runs out. Just drag your mouse around to move...
The Fog Fall
Great escape style Strategy Game. Have fun!
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